Canada Research Chair on Transgender Children and Their Families

Jeunes trans et non binaires en protection de la jeunesse (article in french)


Here’s the new article by members of our team! Annie Pullen Sansfaçon, Alexandre Blanchet, Ré Poulin Ladouceur, Josianne Picard and Martin Goyette. The article is published in Criminologie. Here’s the link for the article in french in free access :


The trans and non-binary youth population is known to be at risk of discrimination and violence, in addition to facing a high risk of parental neglect. The limited research available regarding their experiences in child welfare settings reveals that these youth endure discrimination and are often forced to live with an assigned gender that is not appropriate for them. This article presents data from the Youth Leaving Care study (EDJeP), describing certain characteristics of trans and non-binary youth in care in Quebec. It provides a preliminary picture of the situation faced by these youths, the reasons for their placement, as well as their level of satisfaction regarding their experience in youth protection, as compared to cis youth in the EDJeP study. The results highlight the issue of trans and non-binary youth overrepresentation among the EDJeP youth population as compared to the general population, and also demonstrates that trans and non-binary youths experience situations distinct from those of cisgender youths.