Canada Research Chair on Transgender Children and Their Families

Research Team

The research team on trans youth and their families (funded by le Fonds de recherche du Québec société culture) is a partnership team made up of different community organizations, researchers, and community members (parents and youth) who aim to support the well-being of youth by furthering knowledge on the realities and issues that they navigate. In order to develop a holistic understanding of the experiences of youth including the social, structural, and relational issues trans youth face, the team will seek to explore the influence of trans* youths’ interactions with their environments, while highlighting the role of their families within these dynamics.

The work is structured according to the following three research axes:

1) “To better understand and support trans* children and young people”, under the direction of Lee, supports projects aimed at generating empirical knowledge on the experience of trans* young people and the best ways to support them in their development. .

2) “To better understand and support families who have a trans child”, under the direction of Rabiau, supports projects aimed at documenting the pathways of parents and families (natural, substitutes or chosen) while supporting their child.

3) “To facilitate the development of effective trans affirmative interventions and to ensure the transfer of knowledge in practice settings in order to improve access to services”, under the direction of Medico, supports projects aimed at the production of knowledge about intervention and professional practices specifically, as well as knowledge mobilization in practice settings, and increasing access to knowledge to a wider audience.