Canada Research Chair on Transgender Children and Their Families

Project – Life trajectory of trans and non-binary youth experiencing homelessness in Quebec

Here is a recruitment message for an ongoing study:

We are currently conducting a study to increase knowledge of the phenomenon of homelessness among trans and non-binary (NTW) youth in Quebec. More specifically, this study aims to document the trajectories of transition to homelessness among these young people, to understand their use of services and to support the establishment of priorities for action that meet the needs of people determined by the environments.

In order for this project to reflect as much as possible the reality of young TNB in a situation of homelessness that we are trying to document, we wish to set up a committee of these young people (16-25 years old) to actively support us in research. This committee will allow us to accompany us in the recruitment of young people for individual interviews, to guide us in the analysis of the results collected during the interviews, as well as to participate in various creative aspects of the project (find a name and a logo for the research, accompany us in the creation of various social media accounts,  etc.).

More specifically, we are looking for:

  1. 5 to 6 trans and non-binary youth who are homeless or have already been aged between 16 and 25;
  2. Located in the Montreal or Estrie area;
  3. Wishing to be actively involved in meetings every four weeks; o A variety of profiles (BIPOC people, people with disabilities, etc.)
  4. Participants will receive financial compensation of $30 per meeting, as well as a round-trip bus-metro pass. The meetings will take place in predetermined organizations and young people located in the region will have access to a computer to join us via the Zoom platform.

For any questions or if you are interested by the project, you can contact our person at the project coordination, Val Banville (they), by email ( or by phone (514-641-6700).

A beautiful day to you,

The research team