Canada Research Chair on Transgender Children and Their Families

New Canadian Research Chair – ReParE : Partnership research and empowermentof vulnerable young people

Congratulations to Annie Pullen Sansfaçon!

With the previous Canada Research Chair on Trans Children and Their Families expiring in 2023, Professor Annie Pullen Sansfaçon has been awarded a new Level 1 Canada Research Chair, with a duration of 7 years, ReParE: partnership research and empowerment of vulnerable young people. Far from abandoning the issues of trans youth and their families, moreover in the current socio-political context, this new chair will focus on young people of gender diversity in an even more intersectional way by including young people living with the overlapping of various identities, including in particular the realities experienced by trans and non-binary youth, two-spirit youth, youth with discontinuous or questioning gender paths, etc., while putting while emphasizing the importance of involving the populations concerned in all stages of the projects by promoting their empowerment. It was therefore important to change the name of the Chair in order to better represent this diversity of lived experiences.

In the coming weeks, you will see our various social media platforms renew their visual identity – new name, new colours, new logo – and also offer content related to these new lines of research. Don’t worry, the work of the Trans Youth and Their Families Research Team is also continuing: news about them will still be broadcast on our pages!