Veille scientifique – octobre 2019

Adler, R. K., Hirsch, S. et Pickering, J. (dir.). (2019). Voice and communication therapy for the transgender/gender diverse […]

Veille scientifique – septembre 2019

Allen, L. R. (2019). Well-Being and Suicidality among Transgender Youth after Gender-Affirming Medical Interventions (Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Missouri, […]

Veille scientifique – août 2019

Afrasiabi, H. et Junbakhsh, M. (2019). Meanings and Experiences of Being Transgender: A Qualitative Study among Transgender […]

Veille scientifique – juillet 2019

Akgul, S., Bonny, A. E., Ford, N., Holland-Hall, C. et Chelvakumar, G. (2019). Experiences of Gender Minority […]

Veille scientifique – juin 2019

Acosta, W., Qayyum, Z., Turban, J. L. et van Schalkwyk, G. I. (2019). Identify, Engage, Understand: Supporting […]

Veille scientifique – mai 2019

Benson, K. (2019). What’s in a Pronoun?: The Ungovernability and Misgendering of Trans Native Kids in Juvenile […]

Veille scientifique – avril 2019

Abramowitz, J. (2019). Hormone Therapy in Children and Adolescents. Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics, 48(2), 331‑339. doi:10.1016/j.ecl.2019.01.003 Alberse, […]

Veille scientifique – mars 2019

Barnett, A. P., Molock, S. D., Nieves-Lugo, K. et Zea, M. C. (2019). Anti-LGBT victimization, fear of […]

Veille scientifique – février 2019

Adelman, B. (2019). Book Review of: Evans, C. (2016). I Promised Not to Tell: Raising a Transgender […]

Veille scientifique – janvier 2019

Alberse, A.-M. E., de Vries, A. L., Elzinga, W. S. et Steensma, T. D. (2019). Self-perception of […]

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